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Script services


I have written a number of feature-length and short film scripts, bringing to life all those thrilling stories buzzing around my head – which I’m now looking to bring to the big screen. I have numerous projects in various stages of development, and I am always seeking producers, crew and collaborators who share my vision and wish to work together to achieve our ambitions.


  • A Matter of Sex (political love story with a twist)
  • Day of the Devil (supernatural action thriller)

In progress

  • Adaptations of No More Lonely Nights and Long & Winding Road (written by Chris)
  • Spy Dot Com (spy action comedy)
  • Stupid Cupid (rom com)
  • Jack the Ripper Revealed


  • Strider Gets Iced (locked room mystery, filmed in Jan 2007)
  • Eye For An Eye (revenge drama)
  • The Height of Cheating (rock-climbing thriller)
  • Untitled X Factor-style drama

Script assessments

I have a script-reading and assessment service through my company, Lonely Nights Productions Ltd, based in London.
I charge professional and independent film-makers £50 to read and evaluate their feature-length film and theatre scripts.
Then I make suggestions on any improvements/changes in terms of pacing, story-line or character, which are outlined in a full and comprehensive report, and emailed or posted back to the author.
If you have a short film script, then you can contact me and negotiate a lower fee based on its length.
To date, I have assessed and, in some cases, helped rewrite and reshape, over 100 scripts, both shorts and feature-length, over the years, from many professional and independent film-makers, and I have received excellent and positive feedback from many satisfied customers.
Scripts can be emailed directly to me via this website, and for details, call 07745 662507.